Threats made to Rather Keen

A letter to my customers: I love designing products for you, and I look forward to running my little shop for many years to come. To achieve this, I need to inform you about threats I have been receiving.

My girlfriend and I have been together for over a year now. I'm absolutely in love with this thoughtful, intelligent, caring, silly, and witty person. I'm grateful how she has always supported me and my kids. I admire how she worked so hard to become a doctor and help people, despite being told she would never make it. We have a fantastic relationship, and we're excited about our future. However, the past has raised its ugly head.

The man my girlfriend divorced three years ago can’t stand to see his former wife happy with another guy. “Angry Ex” is making trouble for my girlfriend, and he has said he intends to make trouble for me. That includes preparing to damage my business any way he can. Angry Ex brags about buying up domain names of people he considers enemies. I recently learned he purchased and Cybersquatting is against federal law, and buying the domain name of my business violates trademark law. Clearly, he believes he is now positioned to harm me and my business by spreading lies and disinformation.

I'm sharing this information with you to try to protect myself from harm. Bullies thrive when the intended victim remains silent. My true website is this one:, my email address is, my business instagram is @ratherkeen, and my personal/artist instagram is @andrewbrightly. Any information you receive from any other source is malicious lies and disinformation meant to harm me and my business. Please let me know if you receive any messages or see any websites, social media accounts, or receive emails that resemble my personal name or business name.

Sadly, there are many angry exes causing this type of pain to their former partner and their friends and family. It is not fun to be a target. However, my girlfriend and I will not be intimidated by a bully. Please help me to continue my livelihood despite these threats. Thank you. —Andrew Brozyna