Green bookmobile pin by Rather Keen. The pin is shaped like a 1940s truck with the words Book Mobile on its side.
This photo depicts a woman wearing the Book Mobile pin on her sweater.
Rather Keen’s Book Mobile pin on its display card
Green bookmobile lapel pin by Rather Keen depicted on a sport coat lapel.

Bookmobile enamel pin

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A snappy accessory for a book lover's jacket, sweater, or bag! I looked at a lot of photos of 1930s and 40s library bookmobiles (and sign lettering) to plan the design of this pin. 

1 & 3/8 inch wide (35 mm) silver and green enamel pin shaped like a 1940s truck with the words "Book Mobile" on its side. Black rubber clasp.

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Bookmobile pin modeled by Amy at Miss Hero Holiday(the pink version is discontinued)