Butter Beer enamel pin

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I've heard that butter beer is a favorite brew of modern-day wizards, but it's actually a real-life historical drink from Tudor England. I designed this pin to look like a bottle cap! It's the same size as a real cap, with a 3-D wiggly edge, and the back is even recessed a bit.ย 

I drew a boar's head in a Medieval style to remind you of olden taverns and pubs. The pin uses black nickel metal, with white hard enamel. 28mm wide (see last photo for size reference). Black rubber clasp.

Historical note: A recipe for butter beer appeared in the 1594 cookbook The Good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin', written by Thomas Dawson. It was a concoction of beer, eggs, sugar, spices, and butter. The late 16th century was the first time that cookbooks were commonly published, so it may be that butter beer was enjoyed even earlier.

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