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Rare Bird Alerts zine

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A collection of nonfiction (and humorous?) essays about famous people I have seen in the wild

The word "fan" is an abbreviated form of "fanatic." I can't say I'm passionate enough to call myself a fan of any particular celebrity. To me the true value of spotting a famous person in the wild is how I can bring it up in conversation to the delight of others. Encountering a wild animal in a public place has the same energy. You didn't expect to see an emu when you walked into Jamba Juice, but then you figure Oh, they must live near here. Later you'll tell the story "Oh, guess who I saw getting a smoothie? It was that emu from the show you like." And the person you're talking to will reward you with "Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous! They're my favorite actor." Discovering we know the same people is ancient and effective social bonding.

If you are a truly ethical person (as I am) you will subscribe to the old wildlife observer's philosophy of quietly appreciating from afar—no undignified grappling with the beasts to pose them for the camera. But, if a well-known toucan or flamingo happens to approach me, well then of course, I'll make some casual small talk and maybe offer an apple from my backpack. This zine is a list of my most notable observations of celebrities in the field.

5.5 x 8.5 inches, 16 pages, B&W interior, card-stock cover.